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New Release: ¨One¨ by Bliz Nochi

We’re super happy to present you our newest release from a great friend Bliz Nochi and this time it’s also on VINYL – Listen and get the vinyl version in Bandcamp before the copies run out!

About the Album by Bliz Nochi

¨This vinyl is a compilation of the most resonant four songs I was producing for the last few years. All these songs had great exposure between labels and fans of the downtempo and folktronica genre. Every song has a special individual story and is reflecting the time and space and situations around me at that moment. Here is a short summary about songs.

Day Dreamalker is a song recorded in Gokarna / India / Karnataka in Paradise Beach, where I was staying off-grid, having my recorder, guitar, and the spirit of the place and sound of the Indian Ocean you can hear in the record.
Was Published with Voodoohop and Paradise Symbiosis Record Label

Rain Ritual – is the song i dedicated to my father. A Moldavian Musician, who in 2018 had a severe injury and I organized a musical album with this song and few remixes to support his rehabilitation. This song features the Accordion as the main instrument. And has a strong off-beat ritual beat on it and tense dramaturgy.

Voodub Is the song composed based on samples I received from Santi D. A producer from Ecuador. This is the music i made, being inspired by the mood and the spirit Santi D introduces in his original track. Was released with Leveldva Record Label

Doina Mamei De Seara – its a lullaby song. Which is dedicated to mothers’ love.
You can hear Piano recorded by a wonderful film director and composer from Hamburg, Filip Piskorzynski, and Moldavian flutes which bond together and open the hearth.

After such positive feedback from the community, i decided to compile together
These four songs and release them the physical record. It is a 45RPM vinyl.

A special Thanks and Appreciation is going to an amazing artist Dima Rabik, which designs for me this amazing cover artwork. This is handmade drawing is done on raw paper and digitalized for printing. Special Thanks to designer, Marisa Lia, who helped to organize and prepare all artwork for printing.
Enjoy listening and find my latest updates and socials with this link¨
About Bliz Nochi:

Bliz Nochi It is an artist name of a Moldavian Musician, Oleg Dubin.
Bliz Nochi means Twilight. This musical identity is the result of many years of experiments in music. My topic is searching in the roots of Moldavian culture, a spirit, I can form in the modern electronic music sound design. I grew up in a family of musicians. I prefer to call my genre Ethnotronica or Folcotronica. It is a mixture of electronic music and folk
dance music.
It is based on traditional instruments such as Caval, Pimac, Nai, Zurna,Duduk, and other ethnic instruments, in my songs, I am as well mixing the sounds of nature, which I am recording while traveling.
I create the music for dancing and listening at the same time. For Chill-Raves, Ecstatic Dance, And all sorts of background music.

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