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New Release: ¨Esperando¨ by T.H.D.S

We are happy to present to you THDS, a Portuguese-Belgian artist, a very talented multi-instrumentalist, sound explorer and music producer linking folklore and electronic beats in a very natural and special way you’ll discover today…
Made in Brussels, this EP tells above all a story of friendship, after long nights out dancing or one of those cozy “aperos”, they started crafting music and sound textures together : one more proof that music truly brings people together.

¨Esperando¨ is a colorful proposal, full of soul and sounds of the earth, all of them combined in a very pristine way to achieve a very well rounded and technically accomplished EP, where each song is a journey through the world of folklore melodies.

Apart from the 3 original tracks, the 3 remixers Mcfly, Hajna and Slowlane respect the joyful and mystical spirit of the EP, bringing movement and a new palette of sound colors that make this release shine even more.

Cover art :

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