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010 ¨Yohana¨ by J.Pool

“Yohana” EP is a journey into the shadows of the jungle. The sound of these songs are heavily influenced from my first experience with Abuela Aya, where she came to me, in my mind and body, in the form of a serpent. She spoke to me, showed me her power, her essence, I felt her movement and heard her sound, and I connected deeply with her spirit. I saw the shadow world that exists parallel to our reality everywhere, I learned that the energy of the shadows cannot be defined as good or bad but have their own unique power and influence on us.

Intiche and Yamanjo are both dear brothers whom I respect both very much as people and artists. We’ve played shows together and I find both their music, life, and vibes very inspiring. Moontide is an artist whose music I’ve been following for years and connected with recently, I invited him to make a remix of Yohana because I felt he would create something very special with his unique approach to music.

“Yohana” is the musical embodiment of that experience, drawing fusing together organic and tribal elements and warping them to create a psychedelic jungle atmosphere. This approach to creating was used in the production of each song in this EP.

“Respeto Por Ti” represents the voice of the Earth awakening and speaking to us, pleading for respect and love and warning us of our actions.

“Jambudvipa” is the dvīpa (“island” or “continent”) of the terrestrial world, as envisioned in the cosmologies of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, which is the realm where ordinary human beings live and originated. I created this song in December and January while I was living in India. After some friends there told me this legend I felt inspired to create a song that was connected to this story. The word Jambudvīpa literally refers to “the land of Jambu trees” where jambu is the Indian Blackberry and dvīpa has two meanings “island” or “continent” and “planets” situated in the ocean of outer space. “The planets are called dvīpas. Outer space is like an ocean of air. Just as there are islands in the watery ocean, these planets in the ocean of space are called dvīpas, or islands in outer space”

“Sumac” is a trance inducing psychedelic experience representing the multidimensional voice of a shaman during ceremony, calling to the spirits of the jungle.

“Camino Lejos” is a prayer to the spirit of the Abuela, a transcendental, tribal song, calling in visions from the space beyond what we know.

We hope you enjoy this awesome EP by J.Pool and friends, going deep in a journey that explains itself in these letters and most of all, in the beautiful combination of sounds and melodies put together here. Thank you all for sharing with us!

Cosmovision Records
02/10/ 2020
Artwork by Adrian Callejas (

⋙ About J.Pool :

J.Pool, originally from Ontario, Canada, is a world travelling music artist. He has spent the last 4 years exploring many part of the world including Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. His music is influenced by his experiences in all of these places, drawing influences from all corners of the world to create a sound that is an organic fusion of world elements. His music and inspiration are deeply connected to nature and ancestral roots and yet he finds the bridge between these and modern production techniques to connect the past and present into a transcendental sonic experience.

released October 2, 2020

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