2 friends that met in Montréal in 2018, El Extravagante (from Chile) & Ultra K (from Mexico) have been making music together since then, participating as one of the star Live Acts of Cosmovision Records in Montréal, this mixed and cross-cultural electronic music act explores the rhythms and sounds of Latin America and what is known in the western world as ¨world music¨ but more accordingly said, this is an ¨Electronic Folklore¨ project in 3 languages with shows in many places in Montréal with also some some hits in Spotify and Youtube.


  1. Ausgang Plaza – L’Esperluette

El Extravagante & Ultra K plus Akawui (usual guest musician) playing a Live Act (hear the analog synth) in Ausgang Plaza for Cosmovision Records L’Esperluette event. In this show we had mapping, VJing and a great setup. We played just before the main guest artist.


2. Cabaret Lion D’Or

1 year anniversary of Cosmovision Records, event in Cabaret Lion D’or. We played an Hybrid DJ Set where El Extravagante mixes our original music instrumentals with vocals from Ultra K live on top, plus various instruments. Behind you can see the visuals of our VJ Kerimbonia.


3. Jardin Gamelin

Playing our live act (hear the super fat analog bass) at Jardin Gamelin, it was very special for us to be there as people could hear this fusion of electronic sounds and groovy rhythms for free in the middle of the city!, we got an awesome feedback from people.


4. Artelixir Festival

This is Artelixir festival, a small festival done in Sept 2020 following the rules regarding the pandemic so 150 people max, but we still managed to keep doing our thing and here we made a little hybrid DJ Set as well with instruments and guest musicians. This video got super popular on our social media.


A Few photos of us.

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