🇬🇧⭐ ¨Deslizando¨ (means sliding in Spanish) is a mix of sounds from Latin America and the Middle East, combining vocals in Spanish by Ansoara and also by Swa Swally, these 3 artists are part of the diverse brotherhood of Cosmovision Records, all based in Montréal, redefining the electronic sound produced in North America in an EP that sounds like Downtempo and a bit like House with the rich culture and sound that these elements of the world give, in a contemporary format that is suitable for listening at home as well as for the dance floor.

⭐ 🇪🇸 Deslizando es una mezcla de sonidos de Latinoamérica y Medio Oriente, combinando vocales en Español por Ansoara y también por Swa Swally, los 3 artistas parte de esta gran y diversa hermandad de Cosmovision Records, todos basados en Montréal, re-definiendo el sonido electrónico producido en Norteamérica en un EP que suena a House y Downtempo con la riqueza cultural y sonora que dan estos elementos del mundo en un formato contemporáneo que es adecuado para escuchar en casa como también en la pista de baile.

A few words by Oonga…

¨These are some of the very first tracks I made after I was shown this downtempo psychedelic cumbia sound, which I called “espera” because it is full of waiting for builds, it has a lot of hopeful elements in the music, and it is part of a universal sound connecting widely disparate cultures.

I was introduced to the sound by the man himself Khalil.M at an afterparty, and I found it very intriguing. A year later, I got to DJ at the Cosmic Convergence festival in Guatemala, which gave me the chance to experience the epic Matania live set at midnight on New Year’s, and then Barrio Lindo the next morning. It was after that, and a full moon party with Mose Cagen, that I started to play around with these sounds. These songs are some of the first ones I made¨

Artwork by Mateo Bories