We are really happy to announce that our nwe release on Cosmovision Records is finally out. We just release the first downtempo EP ” Ashtar ” by our cosmic brotha Deep Filip with remixes by Joss Martin and The Oddness. Let’s discover this amazing sonic journey thru the cosmic sounds of the universe. We have a chat with Deep Filip to talk about his influence, his new EP and his future projects.



What’s your cultural background? What’s the music you used to hear at home when you were a kid ?

From a young age we have been listening to music at home. All types of music, from Eric Clapton and the Dire Straits to Jazz Legends like Herbie Hancock or Blues man like John Lee Hooker to classical symphonies. Since my late godfather was playing in a jazz band, this was probably something that we listened most to, as I used to visit the North Sea Jazz Festival with my father. When I became an adolescent I got interested in rap and hip hop. In my early twenties I discovered electronic music and have been listening to it ever since.


What’s been your all time musical preference through life?, give us 3 bands or producer from your life?

These are always the toughest questions for me as it is so dependent on many things, like my emotional state, am I at home or at a concert, what period of my life etc. I can say that jazz/blues have definitely been major influences. Since I got into the electronic music scene, I barely listen to other music anymore though. Which is a bit of a shame so from time to time I love going to a concert of a completely different genre (last one was a liquid drum n bass concert).
In the past I got inspired by John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Dave Brubeck, Herbie Hancock, Bix Beiderbecke, Eminem, Tupac, Nelly, Underworld, Fatboy Slim or the Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits.
Currently I get inspired a lot by Tunnelvisions, Sebastian Leger and Adriatique, both as musical producers as well as human beings. Tunnelvisions are close friends of mine and our journeys started at the same time, at the same event in the beginning of 2017, which makes it extra special for me.
With Adriatique I am absolutely in love with their all-nighters. I believe only by seeing an artist play an all nighter (or a minimum of 4 hours set), you can really see what they are capable of. A set of 2 hours is just not enough, because every artist can have a day off. With an all nighter there is much more room for turning the night to your favor in case things don’t flow.
Then I also really love Sebastian Leger’s productions but I could equally name other producers in this genre like Lee Burridge or Newman.
Could you explain us why you want to become dj and producer and work in the music industry?
As an artist I feel I can share my passion and inspire many people. Next to being an artist I am also a Psychologist and profoundly interested in Spirituality and Esoteric subjects. I wish to assist humanity, both on a collective and individual level, with personal growth and contentment.
By sharing my story I hope to touch some part of your heart, which will inspire you to grow as a human being and make the most out of your talents. Everything I create I do with love and wish to convey this message through the art I create. I hope to evoke some feelings of positivity, meaning and authenticity within anyone who comes across my art. I am grateful every day to have this amazing opportunity in my life and I thank whatever divine being is out there for the blessings I receive to continue on this path, during good and challenging times.
Do you have any relation to spirituality? If so, does this translate to your music?


Yes, a lot! I have been raised as a Polish Catholic, which I didn’t like at all as a child. In fact I hated it so much that I rebelled against any form of religion and became an atheist during my adolescence. Something in my just couldn’t accept this and I had this continuous feeling from the deepest part of my being that there is more than this.
Then I travelled to Asia and studied Buddhism spending months in monasteries. In 2017 I had my Spiritual Rebirth where I came across information that isn’t tide to any religion but at the same time is connected to all of them. I started getting answers that would help me understand life from a point of view where I did not need an institution made by mankind to tell me about Gods and things like that. To me spirituality comes from within and we all have access to it.
We just need to trust to listen to our hearts, through practices of meditation, prayer, being in solitude with only oneself and no distractions and the inner guidance all of us have access to. There is so much more in this Universe than only the life we see on this planet. And I believe that very soon we will get to know more about this as hidden secrets will be disclosed to the general public.
This definitely translates into my art as I often feel that the art I create is just something I tap into and that is coming ‘from above’. It is not I who creates the art, I am just the messenger from some form of energy that anyone can tap into.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

Not really hidden because I share it with you 😉 As I mentioned earlier, I wish to convey a message of love, peace and harmony. I wish for my art to be an inspiration for anyone who comes across it to find and understand themselves on a deeper level. That anyone can create art. In fact, I would even argue to say that we all came to this planet as infinite creators and it is the very essence of life to create. Everything is art, we often limit ourselves thinking that only music, painting and sculptures are forms of art. Nonsense! It is the most amazing art for me when somebody cooks a homemade meal for me, whether it is ‘simple’ or ‘complicated’. The intention is most important for me.

Which are your favourite technical tools to create music?

Ableton Push 2 is basically my go to piece of hardware. Software wise I use Ableton and some of my favorite plugins are: Omnisphere, Diva, Mini and Jupiter.

How do you see the current scene in your country Netherlands? and compared to the rest of the world ?

Oh man, I am so blessed to be living in the Netherlands. We have one of the richest music scenes in the world and if we look at the size of the Netherlands I would even say THE richest. With more than 1000 festivals every summer, Amsterdam Dance Event and the most renown artists performing here multiple times a year, we are super spoiled. And then there is the fact that we are in Europe and travelling to any other country will cost no more than 3 hours by plane. Having travelled to other continents I can appreciate what we have here (not only music wise) more and more every day.


Can you explain us a bit about the concept of your EP ”Ashtar ” ?

Ashtar signifies for me the awakening in consciousness that is currently happening on this planet. I have been deeply involved in this for the last couple of years and I believe that in the next couple of years we will be meeting our galactic family in physical form.

Ashtar is a commander (it is a collective group of lightbeings, not one person) from the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, who are assisting us in this ascension process. There are various human beings who are channeling the messages that Ashtar is bringing to us in these times of awakening, to assist us and help us understand where we are coming from.

Bashar is also a group of multidimensional beings who are being channeled for a couple of decades to bring us messages about the truth of origins of humanity as well as assisting us in the ascension process that is currently happening on this planet.

I got inspired by the channelings of these beings to create this EP. Both of the tracks for me have a “happy” vibe, which for me resonate with the ascension process, as it’s a process that hasn’t been happening for eons and those are very special times we live in. In both of the tracks I have incorporated some vocals. The vocals in Ashtar are clear and give a positive message, along with the melodic elements which give some “extraterrestial” dimensions to the track. Bashar is one of the first solo downtempo projects I started to work on and it brings me into a peaceful, happy state, where the melodic elements again, signify a “happy” vibe. The EP is infused with energies from my side, so as to help everyone who is listening to it remember their roots and assist in this awakening process.

I wish for everyone who feels down, lost, confused, depressed etc., that when they listen to the EP they will feel inspired, find some joy in their heart, dance, smile and “forget” about their worries for a moment

Could you give us a little description of your 2 originals song you made for the EP ?

Ashtar and Bashar are made to bring you on a interdimensional journey of enjoying the moment, wherever you are, whatever mood you are in. You can play it (as a DJ) in a downtempo set, listen to it in the car or in the shower or if you just want to dance and enjoy some happy vibes whilst working on some projects or cleaning the dishes. The EP will bring you closer to your innerself and your intergalactic soul family.


Why did you choose to release your first downtempo EP thru Cosmovision ?

With the first contact I had with Cosmovisions Records in 2019, when I sent you an email to ask you if you could activate paying for one track only as opposed to the whole VA (via Bandcamp) and you gave me a very nice reply back plus nice follow up replies, I immediately got a good feeling and good vibe with the label. The energy seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. This was on a moment when I had sent the tracks out to a couple of other labels already but when you guys told me you wanted to release the EP, I didn’t think twice and knew this was the place where I wanted to release Ashtar 🙂


What do you have planned for your future projects?

So much 🙂 The Ashtar EP is something I created almost a year ago and since then my musical journey has evolved a lot. I have a lot of projects that are 90% finished, working on some great collaborations (which I really love doing), making meditation music as well as doing sounddesign for Soulvana (part of Mindvalley) and always on the look out for new projects. Since half a year or so I have another project called Club Nomad, where with a couple of friends (and studio neighbours) we started organizing events in Rotterdam. We are also looking to extend this project to more than events only. Currently brainstorming, especially during this time of lockdown when everything is cancelled. I also still love doing guest podcasts so at least once a month you should see something of me appearing on soundcloud. My musical journey evolves and I have a very broad taste, which you can see in both the productions I make, my live DJ sets as well as the podcasts I make.
I wish to grow both as a person and as an artist and don’t limit myself to a genre or style. Whereever the creativity brings me. For example, yesterday a friend suggested he would send me some rap lyrics and if I could make some rap beat to it, which I started working this morning.