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CosmoBlog : Omanka

Sound Medicine Empowerment Artchemist fusing Tribal, Electronic, Shamanic & Rock elements, OMANKA is a man, a clan, a band, a brand, a land.

Could you describe you in 5 words?

Erotic Sound Medicine Criminal of Love

What’s your cultural background?, What’s the music you used to hear at home when you were a kid at home?

Protection music architect from Jupiter.  When I was a kid I was fascinated by the combination of birds signing outside and my sexy neighbour making strange sounds with her lover. The best Dj set ever.

What’s been your all time musical preference through life?, give us 3 bands from your life?

Dead Can Dance, Massive Attack, Tricky + The Doors & Led Ze

Why and how did you start to make music?

To forget my first heart brake at 20, than to impress girls, than to save the world, now to save myself.

Do you have any relation to spirituality?, if so, does this translate to your music?

Am I a ”Spiral Ritual” ?. Who knows. I guest so hehehe. But I some martial stuff, Yoga every day since 2000, and shamanic in jungles since 2012. But I am simply an Esoteric Anthropologist and Truth Seeker investigating the meta physical, the origin of the spirit world and after life theories. I learned a lot about music in silence.

Which are your favorite technical tools to create music?

Breath & Voice

How do you see the current scene in Montreal? and  compared to your previous experience overseas?

No idea. I’ve been away since 2011. My experiences in Tulum and New York collaborating with icons such as Lum, Lemurian, Goldish Temple and Woom Center was really uplifting. My feeling is that Montreal is behind on many levels but in advance on other things I guest.

In our time of social networks, could you talk about the promotional aspect of being an artist today?

There is many programs out there teaching Online Marketing for Musicians but it’s evolving every day. It’s a full time job. I wish I’ll find a partner one day to collaborate with on that aspect so I can focus on making magic.

What do you have planned for your future projects?

I am working on a contemplative movie. in 2014, I started to film in the Deserts of Dubai, than in the Jungles, Volcano and Beaches of Central America.  I am also putting together a Transformational card deck while cooking 12 albums.

Could you give a little description to describe the track you made for the compilation?

I am Not Omanka, You are not Omanka, WE are Omanka. We are the criminals of love, erotic sound medicine dancers, resurrecting the future, in the eyes of many suns , shamanic art rock gangsters, closing a deal with eternity, protection music architects, ridding waves of chaos , we are the philosophy of fire , claiming dominion on our souls , tantric visual alchemists, massaging the universal mind, no nation to fight for, no flag to rise up, no color to be proud of, unified servants of truth, rising from the center of our breath, we are the esoteric anthropologists, bleeding love, on grounds of freedom, I am Not Omanka, You are not Omanka, WE are Omanka!

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