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New Release: ¨Eleusis¨ by Hajna

Welcome travelers, allow us to uncover for you the world of Eleusis, the second LP of the french multi-instrumentalist and producer Hajna, a full length 1 hour narrative conceptual adventure, a journey through the deepness of our minds in the form of a unique music alchemy to delight our ears.

The Eleusinian Mysteries exist as a forgotten tale but also an initiatory journey. The invitation is for you to take a trip through the deep forests and temples of the ancient Greece, come and follow the path of sound through the night and uncover the answers you are seeking.

Hajna, the artist, focuses on producing deep electronic magical stories, full of organic percussions, cinematic quotes and hypnotic rhythms that invite the listener to dive into an ocean of diverse textures and smooth beats, from downtempo to folktronica and subtle side-trips: a mystical journey from beginning to end.

This ritual has been created as a one-of-a-kind piece of art, as it was: Composed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Hajna himself at Blue Opal Studio in Toulouse, France. (

Nothing else to say but to give you this personal invitation to discover the Universe of Hajna, one of Cosmovision’s most mysterious characters, you will remember this…

Artwork by Pia Vidal

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