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CosmoBlog : Menachem 26

Existing between the worlds first known continents Menachem’s ancestors been to Western Europe to Northen Africa & Middle East. In 1926, Menachem came to this life with all this inheritance and created a family in the middle of his ancient geography. When Menachem died, he briefly manageed to see his grandson. And of course the grandson has no recollection of his grandfather. When the grandson “Menachem” learns the meaning of his name he decides to seek for his grandfather’s legacy.
After all this search he found the legacy within the riffs of the strings, within the touches to percussions. He then added modern riffs in order to create a bridge to his contemporary taste. And this is what Menachem 26 sharing: “A legacy from a grandfather to a grandson”

What’s your cultural background?, what’s the music you used to hear at home when you were a kid at home?

Well it’s a big one. Going all the way from Middle East to Europe and then touches to North Africa as well. It’s the culture of people who are speaking Ladino. A language cease to exist but the sepheradic culture is a very strong one eventhough the language’s future is at stake.
Musically i was hearing a lot of 90’s Turkish Pop i would say. Of course a bit of Madonna, bit of Vaya Con Dios as well. Nothing special but i would say it was peaceful.
What’s been your all time musical preference through life?, give us 3 bands from your life?

As a kid i was just listening to generic pop  music. Later on i met with punk music first with the new school Rancid, Green Day etc.. later on with Ramones and many more. Than i met with post rock with God is An Astronaut and Mogwai. Glaswegian band Errors with their blend of Post Rock with dancy synths led me to the dance music and parallely to post punk as well that led me to my favorite band ever “Joy Division” .
Post Punk i think still the mother of many genres and helped a lot to disco evolve into todays form.
And disco is another thing for me. It’s my first crush that led me to be involved in the electronic music scene and still “groove” is a must for me when i produce my tracks.

Your artist name is Menachem and in your soundcloud it is written ” A legacy from a grandfather ” Could you explain us a bit more the story behind your name?

Well i haven’t managed to see my grandfather. Technically i did but he passed away when i was five months old. I am happy that he managed to see me but sad that have no recollection of him. I knew that my name is a shortened version of Menachem but didnt knew the meaning of it. (In Hebrew; Someone who stand aside when a dear person having hard times)

When i learn the meaning almost fifteen years ago, i realised how much i do not know about my past so i started to look into it and first i was doing some blogging to write about my grandfather.

Rather than telling a story it started as a way of motivating myself to learn about my past but later on it became both ways; i started to learn and started to share. Alongside with stories, photos and the music i am deeply involved in for the last few years this project, Menachem 26 evolved. And last week we celebrated Menachem’s 93rd birthday, i hope it helps for the name 🙂

Why and how did you start to make music?

I would say it’s a matter of events and the experience that has been piled up in the first quarter of my life. First i wanted to be an engineer than i started studying economics, then i dropped out to study film making, later on i started making music videos and finally started promoting shows and djing. Now this is where we are at.

What’s your current musical preference, can you name a few artists you are following currently?

Recently i am very much into House music. I’d say Detroit Swindle is an act that i always follow. Obviously downtempo is another genre that i really enjoy. Luca Musto, Coss, Iorie, Anatolian Sessions, Islandman, Kurt Adam , Viken Arman, Be Svendsen, Sound Shapes, Pandhora any many more… are the names that i sincerely follow

I can also say that i am a big fan of most of the Jack Essek’s works!

Do you have any relation to spirituality?, if so, does this translate to your music?
What i believe in that human body has still hiding lots of mysteries within. And maybe we won’t be able to solve most of the mysteries  even thousands of years passes. But what i believe is that the ideas, the legacies of the past are there forever! And that’s what i reflect to my music, the legacy. But there is not a pattern, it’s rather the influence or a sparkle to start to a new track and to shape the concept.
Which are your favorite technical tools to create music?
Without the arps i would have had a difficult life i would say 
What do you have planned for your future projects?

So many remixes lined up at the moment for Rapossa, 7even (GR) , Victor Norman (w/ Anatolian Sessions), Islandman, Beyhude and many more… Also a new ep is on the way and a collabration track with Anatolian Sessions will be out from Pipe & Pochet on the way. And hopefully at summer lots of gigs to play. Exciting days ahead.
Could you give a little description to describe the track you made for the compilation.
The track names first of all comes from the name of my grandfather’s favorite club that he was going to. (The concept wasn’t the same of course as it is now in 70’s ) I’d say it’s a bit dark yet never loses the sense of groove with the help of the arpeggio. One of my favorite so far.

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