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Cosmoblog : Da Iguana

Da Iguana is a beat-loving bearded reptile mixing roots, genres and styles from 60 to 140 BPM with open-mindness & passion. We love the way he mix the classic Cumbia riddim with others folktronic elements. We are really happy to have this fresh and talented producer part of our first compilation.

Could you describe you in 5 words?

Ouh difficult, feels like a job interview haha! I’d say curious, traveller, open, idealist and… lazy and entrepreneur at the same time?

What’s your cultural background?, What’s the music you used to hear at home when you were a kid at home?

I grew up in the Parisian suburbs, but spent all my childhood free time in Bretagne (Brittany). So I was listening to everything, from Indochine to Yannick Noah or Cat Stevens… But the music that inspired me when I was a little boy and is still nowadays, I’d say Moby (the Play album), Deep Forest and Celtic fusion rock like Alan Stivell.

What’s been your all time musical preference through life?, give us 3 bands from your life?

A lot shook me, difficult to pick just 3… Let’s go for Gorillaz, who taught me first that “weird” could be cool, Rage Against The Machine for the perfect fusion of really different styles, and Bonobo (the 4 first albums, not the electronic stuff) for how wordless music could tell beautiful stories. And Massive Attack. And Guts. And… I’ll stop there haha.

Why and how did you start to make music?

I’ve always been super sensitive to music. 3 years old and already shaking head in front of my parents’ speaker while playing Kate Bush haha. Started piano at 8, guitar 2 years later because I wanted to be a rockstar! But I did not like to learn grids, lyrics, solos that were written by others, so I started writing quite early, with a first finished song at 12 (shitty song, but finished!). I kept on doing that, had a rock band through middle and high school, with some gigs here and there, playing my compositions, but got tired of being singer, lead guitarist and… MANAGER haha. So it stopped just when I started learning how to slap the bass guitar, and got quickly after that in a funk band. Then moved for studies and discovered beat making in the same time as Hip Hop. Did stuff in my room and loved how a computer could translate better than musicians what I had in my head! Then I discovered electronic music, techno, house, and fell in the trap like a lot of people do haha. And it’s been 2 years I blend everything I like into danceable beats under the name of Da Iguana.

Do you have any relation to spirituality?, if so, does this translate to your music?

I’m not so spiritual in the sense of “believing”. I feel a lot, but don’t want to attribute these feelings to “a way of feeling” or a “way of understanding your feelings”. Let’s say music is my spirituality! But I also feel connected to people, nature, moments, in an untangible way.

Which are your favorite technical tools to create music?

I like playing of all kinds of instruments. For me tools are useful, but I don’t care too much about how I do things, more about what I do. So give me a mic, stuff to make sounds out of it, a midi keyboard, stuff to sample and a working computer, and I’m good.

How do you see the current scene in your city? and  compared to your previous experience overseas?

Right now I don’t belong to a city, I never felt as a Parisian and has always been on the move when I could. But globally, I feel this music is making people connect more than any other scene. But maybe I’m wrong! I just hope not.

In our time of social networks, could you talk about the promotional aspect of being an artist today?

Well, without SoundCloud and Facebook I’d still be making beats in my bedroom without my music leaving it. It’s when I started connecting virtually with other artists than “real stuff” began to happen. That’s shit and not so “artistic”(I like it though), but networking seems to be the key to trigger everything, from gigs to releases to growth of audience.

What do you have planned for your future projects?

Hahaha well I’m new on the scene, so for now enjoying myself,  keeping on meeting new people and playing & producing stuff that will make people smile, close their eyes, dance or jump of surprise! Don’t want to plan too much, or then passion becomes a responsibility.

Could you give a little description to describe the track you made for the compilation?

Ouuuuh this one is special to me! A track I started with a loud arpeggio, trance-like feeling, but I got bored of it at some point, so I kept the arpeggio aside, changed the bass line and added some cumbia punch to it. I imagined and sound designed the intro as if you were standing or seating at your porch in the countryside, by a warm summer night, full of sound. And there you hear the dogs of the neighboring farm barking loud at something. You feel something is gonna happen, you hear footsteps… And then boom, you meet Cumbia. Not the original Cumbia sound, but a sneaky-bassy power Cumbia, infused with trance and oriental sounds… La Cumbia ne préviens pas!

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