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CosmoBlog : Swa Swally

Swa Swally is an amazing Live performer with his unique voice melting with percussions, noises, guitars and keyboards.
After having lived 4 years in Africa where he was initiated to percussions and consequently been deeply involved in World Music, exploring Middle Eastern chants as well as various aboriginal rhythms, he then felt the urge to create an original music which would convey primitive and instinctive pulsations while at the same time appealing to one’s emotions.


Could you describe you in 5 words?

Crazy – hard working- peacefull warrior

What’s been your all time musical preference through life?, give us 3 bands from your life?

I’ve listened to all sort of music in specific periods of my life so far. From Rock, blues, jazz  fusion progressive, metal, Dub, and of course world and electronic music. King Crimson, Red hot chili peppers and …Celine Dion…

Why and how did you start to make music?

 I first started playing music at the age of  7  in Africa ( Niamey, Niger) in the streets with kids and in my parent’s house on everything I could find. Cardboard boxes, wood, plastic ans metal buckets etc… I always wanted to create and transform noises and rhythms into music. I  started  playing drums in a Elvis look alike tribute performer at the age of 13. and by the age of 17  i toured  and played more then a 1000 shows with a heavy metal band as a frontman lead singer.


Do you have any relation to spirituality?, if so, does this translate to your music?

Spirituality in music is always part of any sounds you create and everytime you put your soul in a performance .Spirits are everywhere, you just need to be receptive and ask them to play with and to be part of you. All is one…

Which are your favorite technical tools to create music?

As long as I can play it, i’m using all kind of tools. All kinds of recording devices and instruments. I  once, recorded  sounds from hitting a bike wheel as the main beat  for a song.

How do you see the current scene in Montreal? and  compared to your previous experience overseas?

The alternative electronic music in Montreal is really small, Music is made  for traveling. It’s the best passport in my book.

In our time of social networks, could you talk about the promotional aspect of being an artist today?

Any creator nowadays, needs to put as much time as creating and even more, on promoting themselves.

What do you have planned for your future projects?

More recordings and more associations with different genres and artists and travel more for more knowledge of the disapearing tribes from around the world.

Could you give a little description to describe the track you made for the compilation?

I’ve tried to put together my influences and interpretations of my knowledge of the forgotten tribes in canada and up north, as well as the african influences and performances, specially in the time signatures. The sounds and playing are live as well as all the instruments and voices. Totemtribe : The name I designed to represent all the forgotten tribes from Canada.  As a Totem, a voice that needs to be heard , as high and  far, as possible…

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